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Occupational Therapy is Empowering Treatment

Each year thousands of people fracture bones in car accidents, have strokes, suffer from arthritis, experience numbness or tingling in their arms or injure their hands in work or household accidents. Any of these injuries can severely affect a person's ability to complete work, self care or leisure activities.

The goal of occupational therapy is to analyze those limitations resulting from injury and develop a strategic treatment plan. Each treatment plan is then individually designed to engage the mind and challenge the body.

With a creative touch, our trained specialists design functional tasks that ultimately improve movement, strength and function. Specialized tools and splints are created, when necessary, and patients are given an individualized program to help them meet their goals.

In the workplace, an occupational therapist can assist companies by creating assessments and offering recommendations. The results may include returning to an injured worker to the workplace or designing a workplace that is safe and efficient.

Who Needs Occupational Therapy?

Often thought of as therapy for everyday living activities, occupational therapy is so much more. Just as each person's injury is unique, so is the treatment and equipment we provide. Creativity is the key to solving a wide array of problems for all types of people in many different situations. Common ailments, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis may be relieved through our hand therapy specialization. More complex situations may require specially created tools to give an individual more independence. Regardless of the level of function that needs to be regained, we have the ability to help patients decrease pain and swelling, increase joint flexibility and mobilize scar tissue. We will educate patients on their condition and help them progress to a more functional lifestyle.

Occupational Therapy can Help...

  • People suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, crush injuries, tendon lacerations, DeQuervain's, epicondylitis, amputations and fractures.
  • Stroke patients, people with hip replacements and those with Parkinson's Disease.
  • Individuals needing specially designed tools, equipment, splints or dynamic splints with moving parts.
  • Employers looking for work reconditioning solutions.

Does Insurance Cover Occupational Therapy?

Most insurances cover occupational therapy services. However, you should always contact your insurance company to find out the amount of coverage and if they require information about the injury.

Occupational Therapy Services Specialize in:

Hand Therapy- Patients requiring outpatient elbow, wrist and hand rehabilitation are given specialized programs designed to eliminate or reduce pain and increase function.

Work reconditioning- Tool adaptations, posture training, task analysis and FCE (functional capacity evaluations) are among the services provided in the clinic. Special tools are created when needed.

Activities of Daily Living- By teaching injured workers or patients recovering from strokes new ways to do everyday tasks, such as personal care, eating and doing laundry.