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What is Massage Therapy?

Massage can be an important role in your health maintenance or Wellness plan. Painful areas may be treated through the use of the Swedish massage and Myofacial techniques. It alleviates conditions such as general muscle tightness, tension headaches, and poor circulation. It also helps relieve the effects of stress by relaxing tense muscles, lowering anxiety levels, and increasing energy flow. Massage also helps complement other health care professions such as Physical and Occupational Therapy.

What You Can Expect...

  • Each appointment will begin with a discussion about your medical history and painful areas that need special attention.
  • A full body massage is 60 minutes.
  • A half-hour appointment only allows for a partial massage, targeting specific problem areas.
  • After your massage, you may feel relaxed and refreshed . You may experience some post-massage soreness which should subside. Drinking plenty of water following your massage is recommended since massage releases toxins from your muscles.

Workers' Comp

  • *All treatments submitted on claim only if authorized by MCO